Gurufixes 1.0

Gurufixes 1.0

What is Gurufixes ? Is a software, that have inside all prerequisites required to play new or old video games.

So, if you buy PRO version, you need only to download application on you computer or usb device and install all prerequisites on desired device.

How to buy it ? just pay 10 USD from bellow and you will receive a email with download links. Download software and install it then run it from your desktop !

How does it look like?

Desktop icon

Gurufixes icon

Now let`s see how does it look like when is started

Gurufixes pro screenshoot

Price is only $10

Or you can download FREE version from here.

Free version have links to download prerequisites from internet.

Note ! All prerequisites for video games and for latest software like microsoft office, adobe premiere, adobe photoshop and more, are totaly free to download and to use, but why we ask money for Gurufixes PRO ? because we added all needed prerequisites in one package and you do work much easier !

Thank you.